Top 10 Things About 5/14 Benefit Show

top10_5-1410) Surprise guest appearances by Gene Hackman, Archbishop Desmond Tutu , Detlef Schrempf, Gina Lollabridgida, and that one guy.

9) Cash.

8) Microsoft team representing, getting their drink on, and rocking out.

7) The songs, forgot how many good songs the two bands had. Like meeting an old friend.

6) Interacting with people in the loud chaotic environment with a sporadically working computer… Just smile, baby.

5) Just being out in a hot, sweaty club in Fremont until 1 am.

4) No ISIS attack, Zika virus, transgender bathroom controversy, angry Trump supporters, or blimp disasters.

3) Watching buddies in Loveless Building tear it up.

2) Brother Jeff manning up and giving speech in place of my speech (eaten by digital dog).

1) Being lifted on a tide of love and support… Roll tide!  THANKS EVERYBODY!

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