Top Ten Things I Will Miss About My Neck Muscles

neckmusclessquare10)  Furtive glances from side to side, often to achieve “shiftiness” quality.

9)  Watching tennis / ping pong.

8)  Looking at motor crashes.

7)  Commanding headers (yeah right) on soccer fields.

6)  Hyper-alert reffing: head on a swivel as I watch plays and keep an eye on offside situations.

5)  Ogling women.

4)  Moving head to music from the rare head bangin’ situation to the more Seattle-like subtle head bob.

3)  Lifting my head to the skies in: a) agony  b) ecstasy

2)  Ancestral: holding our relatively large heads (housing our large brains) erect as we roam the Savannah alert to prey and predator.

1)  Keeping my head from flopping around.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Will Miss About My Neck Muscles

  1. I shared the Thanksgiving post with all my beloved friends. It is spectacular in every way. One question, without neck muscles can’t you still gawk? I am thankful for everything you identified but I am most thankful for Hallie and your caregivers…..and for televised sports.


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