The Loveless Building – This Is Not A Cassette

Name Your Price

Stream and download as much as you’d like and you get to Name Your Price! Enjoy it for free or but it for a price of your choosing. All goes to Jeremy’s care!

When most releases today are confined to just one band, we have decided to give the short attention span public what it wants. The members of Dangerfield Newby and Loveless Building have ‘Banded together’ to bring you ‘Combo Rock’. Two great bands contributing a nibble of their best for you! Proceeds from this CD go to help fund the continuing care of our great friend and bandmate Jerermy Best. We have all cherished his friendship for decades. His continuing fight with ALS is the motivation for this collaboration.

Ultra special thanks to Don (infinite patience) Farwell @ Earwig Studios (sorry about the bucket) and Levi Seitz at BlackBelt Mastering and to Rich Schippers for the outstanding artwork… cant thank you guys enough.
releases May 14, 2016

All songs written and performed by The Loveless Building and Dangerfield Newby except *Track 2 (A Good Idea) written by Bob Mould. All tracks produced by Don Farwell @ Earwig and mastered by Levi Seitz @ BlackBelt Mastering

Dangerfield Newby is Jeremy Best (vox & keys) with help from Bill Ibsen (Drums), Bobby Heinson (Guitar), Andrew Baer (Bass), Erik Bishop, Jim Hoffman, Randy Litzenberger, Craig Marois, and Tristan Best

The Loveless Building is Erik Bishop (Guitar Vox), Craig Marois (Bass), and Bill Ibsen (Drums). Thanks to Bobby Heinson for the guitar on track 1 and Jim Hoffman on Track 2.

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