Top 10 Positive Things About ALS

10) Getting to interact with the world through this technology featuring this killer voice.

9) Guilt free binge watching of anything I damn well want.

8) Sailing the high seas of the American health care system, up close and personal…Blaming Obama all the way.

7) No need to worry about such mundane things like chores, work, or such questions as “How am i going to die?”

6) The tracheostomy brings me one step closer to becoming Vader. More machine than man, twisted and evil.

5) I never thought so many different people would ever handle my penis.

4) Outpouring of support and generosity from all quarters. including people I don’t even know. Like Gene Hackman.

3) The new-found perspective and appreciation for life that I have. What one fellow person with ALS called ‘shotgun enlightenment’.

2) The emergence of my partner Hallie who has proven to be more than up to the task of carrying the burden and my immense respect and love for her.

1) More time to explore the magical world of palindromes.

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